New Apple Store app makes reservations

A more robust version of Apple's Apple Store app for the iPhone adds a number of truly useful features.

Products can now be reserved on the iPhone.
Products can now be reserved on the iPhone. Screenshot: Scott Stein

When the Apple Store app first arrived on iPhones, it was little more than a shopping portal for Apple goods.

With the latest update, however, new features have arrived to make this app a keeper for any Apple customer who frequents a retail store.

The biggest of these is a retail store button that can not only book Genius Bar reservations or other one-on-one appointments, but can also reserve products for one-day pickup at a store.

As a small tease, the app also has a button for iPhone Reservations, but it currently doesn't reserve an iPhone. (UPDATE: product reservation does work, and with multiple products.)

Only a few months ago, lines for iPhone 4 devices were still snaking around the block in Manhattan.

I used to bury this app deep in a folder, but there's a good chance I might be using it more often now, especially since I'm long overdue to get my own iPhone 4 checked out. I wish I had this a few months ago--it could have saved quite a few phone calls.


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