New & Noteworthy: WWDC registration begins; CD-R Access Pro;; "Pathintosh"; more

New & Noteworthy: WWDC registration begins; CD-R Access Pro;; "Pathintosh"; more

Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference Individuals interested in attending Apple's annual developer conference May 21-25 at the San Jose Convention Center can register now. This year Apple is offering a special promotion: the first 1500 people who register will get a black Mac OS X leather jacket.

CD-R Access Pro 4.6 Allows the Finder to read and write to CD-R drives. This version works under Mac OS 9.1 and now supports almost two dozen drives from Plextor, Yamaha, and Sony, including the Sony CD-RW drive Apple is shipping in the new G4 CPUs. (Compatible drives.) adds partial Mac compatibility Mac users can now purchase and download material from, a site that sells spoken-word audio content. The files are in RealAudio format, and can only be listened to on a desktop or laptop machine. (No copying to a portable MP3 player.)

The ultimate Macintosh peripheral? Destin decided that the perfect peripheral for a PowerBook 2000 is a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder, so he set out to attach one. Then he put up this Web site with the story of how he created a "Pathintosh." We think it gives new meaning to the concept of becoming a road warrior. (Thanks, Mac Bakewell)

Apple Movie Trailer Theater Presents the 73rd Annual Academy Awards Apple has posted a list of the major nominations, complete with trailers.

AnnaKournikova virus author arrested A 20 year-old Netherlands man was arrested for suspicion of unleashing the AnnaKournikova virus earlier this week. See also this Standard article.


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