New & Noteworthy: SiteCam; Aladdin goes public; Mactell closes

New & Noteworthy: SiteCam; Aladdin goes public; Mactell closes

SiteCam 4.1 and SiteZAP 4.1 updates are now available. Now with logging for convenient traffic monitoring, the 4.1 updates also contain bug fixes and have increased performance. SiteCam is full-featured Webcam software for the Mac OS, incorporating FTP, streaming video, image archiving, time-lapse generation, motion detection and a full Web server. SiteZAP uses all of the powerful features of SiteCam, plus adds Zoom, Angle, and Pan capabilities, allowing users to control the Web camera remotely, even across the Internet.

PopupCD 1.5.1 is the latest version of this audio CD Player.

Aladdin goes public Aladdin Holdings, Inc. today became a publicly traded company.

Mactell closes doors From a press release: Mactell Corporation, "a leading manufacturer of performance enhancement computer products, today announced that it is permanently closing its doors."

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