New & Noteworthy: Quicken 2000; QuickMail Pro Server

New & Noteworthy: Quicken 2000; QuickMail Pro Server

Quicken 2000R2 has been released. It adds support for a new Internet-based service platform for Quicken Credit Card and American Express Card customers. It also adds improvements to (1) online banking PIN entry for customers who perform online banking with multiple financial institutions and (2) online transaction and online finance charge delivery for Quicken Credit Card users. The update also contains fixes to known issues in the online banking areas of Quicken 2000. (Thanks, John Carr and Anil Desilva.)

QuickMail Pro Server 1.1.2 is now available. It adds improved safeguards against data corruption in the POP mail database. It also fixes a potential freezing problem related to Open Transport.

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