New & Noteworthy: OS 9.2 and OS X Server coming soon; XRouter Aero: WWDC chat; Gracenote open letter; Re Saturday Late-Bre

New & Noteworthy: OS 9.2 and OS X Server coming soon; XRouter Aero: WWDC chat; Gracenote open letter; Re Saturday Late-Bre

Mac OS 9.2 and Mac OS X Server coming soon Mac OS 9.2 (code-named Moonlight) is now at final candidate status. There's a chance it might be released next week in time for the WWDC. More noteworthy, Apple's Mac OS X Server update, currently in beta status, will likely be officially announced and/or released at the WWDC.

The XRouter Aero (WSR-5000) allows up to 253 wired or wireless users to share access to the Internet using only one Cable or DSL modem and one ISP while protecting against potential intrusion attempts from outside hackers. It combines a wireless Access Point with a Cable/DSL Router and a built-in 10/100 Mbps switch.

Press invite to WWDC fireside chat Apple has just posted a press release on Steve Jobs "fireside chat" at next week's WWDC. It notes that press are invited.

Gracenote open letter Gracenote has posted an open letter to the Mac community regarding their lawsuit against Roxio/Adaptec (see our previous coverage and this Slashdot page). (Thanks, Jennifer Scott.)

The new MacFixIt Forums: a follow-up After a bumpy start, the new MacFixIt Forums are running much more smoothly today. We still have some lingering login problems to solve, although most can be fixed by following the directions posted yesterday. Note that there are really two separate issues at work here. One is the new Forums software. The other is TechTracker's shift to a common registration database for all of its sites. Most login problems are really more related to the common database than the Forums themselves. By the way, if you find that you now have multiple login names, as result of the merging of the databases, send an email to to request that the duplicates be deleted.

Local news: Saturday Late-Breakers not every week We will no longer be updating the home pages every Saturday, as we have been doing for the past several months. MacFixIt will continue to be updated Monday through Friday. We will have Saturday updates only if events warrant (such as when Apple releases an update to Mac OS X on Friday night!).

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