New & Noteworthy: N2MP3; REALbasic list: Apple stock soars

New & Noteworthy: N2MP3; REALbasic list: Apple stock soars

N2MP3 1.0.3 is the latest version of this popular MP3 player. It is "100% Mac OS 9 compatible." In fact, "it is necessary for Mac users who are currently using MacOS 9 or who intend to upgrade. It contains fixes relevant to OS 8 users also, but these are not critical, for example, greater reliability for CDDB lookups. The improved interface for enhanced CD encoding is relevant for all users."

REALbasic mailing list REAL Software has announced a new email list that will distribute tips, tricks, and traps in the use of REALbasic as well as other interesting and useful information. To sign up send a message with the text "subscribe realbasic-tips" (without the quotes) to

Apple stock soars After closing yesterday at an all-time high, Apple stock continues to rise so far today, inching towards 84 (11:30 am EST).

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