New & Noteworthy: iMac clones blocked; RealPlayer and privacy; Anarchie 3.7 is coming

New & Noteworthy: iMac clones blocked; RealPlayer and privacy; Anarchie 3.7 is coming

Sales of iMac clones blocked; Apple wins suit against two firms From "A San Jose federal judge suggested Friday that he will block two companies (Future Power and Daewoo) from selling clones of the iMac, concluding that they would confuse consumers and violate trademark laws. The Judge took the rare step of finding that a computer's appearance is entitled to legal trade dress protections."

RealPlayer also has privacy glitch From Wired News: "RealNetworks issued a patch to remove from its RealJukebox software a unique identification number, which tracks users' listening habits (see previous posting). However, software analysis shows that the same identifier is also transmitted by RealNetworks' RealPlayer." Note: The matter involves the same GUID number that was a point of controversy with Microsoft Office last spring.

Anarchie 3.7 is coming Anarchie 3.7 will be out soon. It will feature a new "Watch" menu. Among other things, the menu will have a List Connections command. This will let you open up a list window containing all the current connections your Macintosh is making to the outside world. The list will not only include the connections that Anarchie is responsible for, but all your currently running Internet software.

Insider offer Insider Software has announced that, with every purchase of an Insider FontAgent 8 CD, users get a free $50 subscription to Insider UpdateAgent.

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