New 100GB hard drive for Xbox 360?

At its X06 event in Korea, it apears that Microsoft has announced a new 100GB hard drive for the Xbox 360

This isn't exactly earth-shattering news, but the word out in Korea, where Microsoft is holding its X06 conference, is that a higher-capacity 100GB hard drive is on the way for the Xbox 360. Engadget is reporting that the drive will be available in March of next year--at least in Korea--but no pricing has been set. Korean site Game Inside is the orginal source of the info, but it seems to be accurate enough, considering the hard drive was just one of many new--or at least newish--Xbox 360 accessories that found their way into an actual PowerPoint presentation. (If anybody cares, there's a 256MB Memory Unit coming soon, too).

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how one of the ingredients Microsoft needed to compete with Apple on its upcoming iTV initiative was a larger hard drive. It appears to be on the way. Anybody want to guess what it'll cost?

Source: Game Inside via Engadget

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