Never open the wrong bottle of wine with the Dacor WineStation

The Dacor Discovery DYWS4 WineStation stores, preserves and dispenses up to four bottles of wine at a time. After opening, wine stays good for up to 60 days.

The Dacor Discovery DYWS4 WineStation lets users pick and choose to find the perfect glass for the moment.
The Dacor Discovery DYWS4 WineStation lets users pick and choose to find the perfect glass for the moment. Dacor

Wine requires a commitment, but it is not pricey bottles or expensive wine cellars that comprise the whole equation. Luckily, the other side of the equation is the good side: actually drinking the wine. However, that brings up another consideration: which bottle to open and drink? Or one could take the safe route and cover all the bases by opening more than one.

The Dacor Discovery DYWS4 WineStation allows for opened bottles of wine to be stored and preserved for up to 60 days. The home wine-serving station uses argon gas to stop oxygenation and allow opened wine bottles to be tapped and always available with a press of a button (and a glass). The unit measures about 20 inches across, stands less than 30 inches tall, and has a depth of 16 inches. It can be used in a standalone countertop configuration or it could be installed as a built-in. (So yes, some commitment required; not to mention its approximately $5K price tag.)

Regardless of where the wine appliance resides, the dispensing system is designed to mimic restaurant-quality machines. A programmable display offers users the ability to show wine type, year, and varietal, while the thermoelectric cooling system keeps bottles chilled to 30 degrees below room temperature. As seen above with the decision to build in or not, it is not entirely a commitment-free operation when up and running -- you still have to decide which one to drink.

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