Never miss another disaster warning

'First Alert Storm Sentry' warns of all types of emergencies.

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We don't have an obsession with thunderstorms, but we fully acknowledge that this is a popular topic with more than a few readers. And Crave, of course, is here to serve.

But rather than citing another device of dubious value, today we offer one that seems to make a bit more sense to us. The "First Alert Storm Sentry" stays tuned to the National Weather Service's NOAA Weather Radio and can monitor 79 emergency broadcasts, including warnings for hurricanes, tornadoes, evacuations, civil dangers, nuclear accidents and even AMBER Alerts.

Better still, it can be programmed to get emergency messages based on specific regions, which can be read on a scrolling text display as well as heard in broadcasts. And just so you'll always get your money's worth even if no emergency occurs, the device can be used as an alarm clock too.

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