Netscape Communicator and memory usage: a follow-up

Netscape Communicator and memory usage: a follow-up

Regarding the item last time stating that Communicator uses significant System Software memory: After further investigation on my part, I have concluded that this problem occurs mainly when you are not using RAM Doubler or virtual memory. With one of these turned on, the increase in System Software memory is more likely to be one megabyte - not 3Mb or more (although one reader did claim a 6-8Mb increase even with VM turned on).

Steve Dagley, in replying to this item, adds that there should be little addition to System Memory "unless you've got several Communicator windows open at once." He also notes: "Regardless of what app you're running you'll see System Memory usage increase as different OS libraries, such as Open Transport and QuickTime, are loaded." True. In this regard, several readers pointed out that this same sort of increase in System Software memory occurs with Internet Explorer.


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