Netflix to test extra features for its original shows

The company says it will experiment with extras with its original programming first, then will think about bringing them to other parts of its catalog.

SAN FRANCISCO -- One of the things that's gotten lost with the popularity of streaming TV shows and movies is the extra features that come on DVDs.

But those days may not be so bygone on Netflix.

At the GigaOm Mobilize conference here, Todd Yellin, vice president of product innovation at Netflix, said that the company will bring those DVD-style extras to its original programming.

"The core of the experience is watching the story that the directors and writers contended, and that's like 99 percent of what it is," he said. "But supplemental content, whether that's extra features or so forth, we're going to test that around our own originals."

Netflix, of course, has a growing stock of hugely popular original programming, from the Emmy-winning "House of Cards" to its most recent major breakout, " Orange Is the New Black ."

Yellin said that if testing with the company's original shows goes well, Netflix may go back and offer extras for more of its catalog. "We'll experiment around our originals, and if that goes well, then we'll go back to our partners that we license a ton of content from, and I can see possibly doing some extra or supplemental content around that."

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