Netflix to charge $1 more for Blu-ray

Netflix has officially announced a $1 surcharge for subscribers that rent Blu-ray movies.

We knew it was coming , but Wednesday Netflix made it official--starting in November, those who rent Blu-ray movies will be charged an extra dollar, in addition to standard subscription fees. The move is hardly a surprise, considering Netflix's CEO mentioned that a surcharge was coming in April, but home theater fans may still be taken aback since the company has never charged more for Blu-ray Discs before. Here's a screenshot of the e-mail subscribers received if they rent Blu-ray movies:

While $1 seems like a reasonable surcharge to us (Blu-ray movies do cost more), some subscribers may have become accustomed to getting more services for free. For example, Netflix's Watch Now service still allows for unlimited viewing with a standard subscription. While that didn't mean much a year ago, the service has become much more attractive with new content from CBS and Disney (Disclosure: CBS is the parent company of CNET.) Additionally, it's become easier to access Watch Now, now that its accessible via the Netflix Player , LG BD300 and, in the future, the Xbox 360 . We have to wonder, is there a surcharge coming for heavy Watch Now users?

What do you think? Will the price change affect your Netflix habits? Or do you think, like us, that even at $1 extra it's still a great deal?


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