Nest buys MyEnergy, giving users more data on power usage

MyEnergy has built a national user base with an online tool designed to give people a better way to track their power usage and bills.

The Nest Learning Thermostat has a new software update that boosts the device's efficiency and which could help increase users' comfort while lowering their power bills. Nest

Nest, makers of the Learning Thermostat, said Tuesday that it has bought MyEnergy, a move geared towards helping customers and utilities alike get a better handle on power usage.

In a release, Nest said that MyEnergy has built a nationwide user base with an online service that provides users with a single place for studying their power usage and bills. The tool is meant to allow people to track their usage and costs and to compare that usage both over time and to neighbors. The company's utility partners use the service to offer their customers, especially those who aren't connected to a "smart grid" access to better data on their power usage.

Nest didn't release terms of the acquisition, but said that it has already begun discussions with MyEnergy on how to incorporate the company's technology into Nest products.

Tuesday's move is Nest's latest attempt to give its users and partners better control and understanding over their power usage. Last month, the company -- founded by "Father of the iPod," Tony Fadell -- unveiled Nest Energy Services , as well as a software update . Both were intended to help customers use their home power more efficiently.

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