Need a cappuccino maker in your SUV?

Al & Ed Autosound customizes cars, from audio to video games.

Toyota FJ Cruiser with video game.
Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

How about a video game in your FJ Cruiser? Or just a kickin' audio system in whatever you drive? Toward the end of our first day at the Los Angeles Auto Show, we stumbled across the Al & Ed Autosound booth. This custom installer goes far beyond merely upgrading stereos. Founded in 1954, the company can do to a car just about anything that a customer wants and can pay for.

CNET photographer in Sinister 6.
Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

In its booth, the company had a GMC Yukon Denali modified with sideboards that automatically lower when a door is opened. The Denali also had a cappuccino maker between the two second-row seats that automatically hides away in a center console. A Toyota FJ Cruiser was equipped with a 32-inch LCD television mounted in the rear hatch, complete with an Xbox 360 mounted right underneath it. Our photographer Corinne Schulze also got to take a seat in the Sinister 6, a BMW 6-series car that's been modified beyond all recognition.

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