Need a camera in a hurry? Just print one out

Corbis provides templates to make an old-fashioned pinhole camera.

Crave Asia

If you're really on a tight budget, or just a hopeless DIY addict, Corbis has a way for you to print out and make your own camera.

The picture agency has released some funky-looking templates on its Web site, and all you have to do is print out the PDF file and stick it onto a card. Follow the score lines, then cut and fold accordingly.

If all goes well, the next thing you have to do is find some 35mm film, which could take far more time than all of the above. Eventually what you'll get is a pinhole camera, so the exposure time is considerably longer. If you don't want blurry shots, keep the camera still while exposing the film.

Or, if you're really bored, you can always try fixing an old image sensor and circuit board from an outdated digital camera into the box. If you manage to do that, drop us a mail and we'll showcase your achievement. Otherwise, pretend nothing ever happened.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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