NBC won't let Apple TV 'devalue' its content

NBC Universal takes a stand against Apple TV, saying that Apple's new set-top box and service will "devalue" its content by charging 99 cents per rental.


NBC Universal is afraid that the Apple TV service will "devalue" its content and has no plans to bring its shows to Apple's set-top box anytime soon, according to the Reuters news agency.

"We do not think 99 cents is the right price point for our content," NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker said at the Goldman Sachs investor conference yesterday. "We thought it would devalue our content."

ABC and Fox see it differently. Both of those networks will be offering their television programming to Apple TV customers for 99 cents per rental. But according to Reuters, News Corp. President Chase Carey, who also spoke at the Goldman Saches investor conference, said that the company's decision to offer Fox content is a "short-term test."

Steve Jobs acknowledged that not all of the networks are too excited about offering 99-cent rentals for their programming at the September event announcing the new Apple TV box , which is scheduled to come out later this month. But he said that as time goes on, he believes that the "rest [of the networks] will see the light and get on board with us."

It's certainly possible. But judging by NBC's tone, it doesn't seem all that likely anytime soon.

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