Navision co-founder joins Openbravo board

Open-source ERP vendor Openbravo attracts Jesper Balser and Cees Poortman, experienced Microsoft executives, to its board of directors.

One of the best ways to see how a company is doing is by looking at the caliber of people it attracts. With that in mind, it's impressive to see whom open-source enterprise resource-planning vendor Openbravo just recruited:

Jesper Balser, co-founder and former CEO of Navision, a leading ERP vendor acquired by Microsoft in 2002, is the newest member of its board of directors.

In addition, Openbravo has hired Cees Poortman, another veteran of Navision and Microsoft, as its vice president of global commercial operations.

The VAR Guy suggests that these hires "speak volumes about growing momentum for open-source applications," and he's right. But it's also a particular testament to the quality of Openbravo's team and its own momentum, something I see regularly as an adviser to Openbravo.

Open source has clearly gone mainstream. It is attracting some of the best and brightest from the proprietary-software world, as they see the writing on the wall for incumbents.

Disclosure: I am an adviser to Openbravo.

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