Navigon 2200T offers free traffic for life

GPS manufacturer Navigon introduces a new entry-level GPS called the Navigon 2200T that offers free real-time traffic for life.

Navigon 2200T
Navigon 2200T Navigon

Just a week after announcing the Navigon 7200T, the GPS manufacturer announced a second in-car GPS on Wednesday: the Navigon 2200T. Though it's billed as an entry-level portable navigation device, the 2200T offers plenty of advanced navigation features that set it apart from similarly priced competitors.

For an affordable $229, you get text-to-speech functionality, lane assistance, and 3D renderings of highway interchanges. In addition, the Navigon 2200T offers free real-time traffic updates for life. That's right: free for life. The traffic capabilities are available right out of the box without a subscription and will show you areas of congestion on the maps, the type of incident, and alternate routes.

As for the rest, the Navigon 2200T comes preloaded with Navteq maps of the lower 48 states and features a 3.5-inch touch screen. Other navigation highlights include multidestination trip planning, DirectHelp for locating the nearest roadside assistance and other emergency services, and support for Navigon FreshMaps . The Navigon 2200T should be available later this fall.

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