Navigator window disappearing bug: a work-around

Navigator window disappearing bug: a work-around

Regarding the problem with Navigator windows "disappearing" when you use WindowShade (or possibly Aaron or Kaleidoscope) to collapse them (as reported last time), several readers offered possible work-arounds. The one that seemed the most reliable to me is as follows:

"You can get the window back if you hide Netscape, either by going to the Finder and selecting "Hide Netscape" or option-clicking on another application. When you return to Navigator, the window will have un-collapsed and, if you have a window enhancer such as Aaron or Kaleidoscope, you can click on the window border and drag the window down to where you can access the title bar again."

Update: Jose Kuhn writes: "Actually ,what I do if the titile bar of the window has disaapeared while using WindowShade is press Command-Control-Option-A which expands the winow to full screen. I then press Command-Control-Option-A again to get the menu bar back."


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