Navigate from here to there with TomTom GO 510 GPS, $124.99 after rebate

This is arguably the most advanced GPS you can buy for $125, though you will have to wait on a rebate.


This GPS sold for a whopping $700 when it debuted just a couple years ago, but now you can scoop up a refurbished TomTom GO 510 for just $124.99 (plus shipping) after a $36 mail-in rebate. Unlike most models selling in this price range, the GO 510 serves up loads of advanced features.

For example, it sports a 4-inch widescreen display--way better than the 3.5-inch square screens you find on typical discount models. It also doubles as a speakerphone by pairing with your Bluetooth-equipped cell phone. That means you can make and take calls hands-free. Plus, it has a light sensor that'll automatically dim the screen when you're driving at night.

Finally, as noted in CNET's Quick Take, the GO 510 supports TomTom's optional traffic and weather services. They're subscription-based, but at least they're available if you want them.

These refurbished units come with a 90-day manufacturer's warranty. You may want to read some of the user comments on the aforementioned Quick Take page, as many users complained about hardware failures. But because these are refurb 510s, hopefully any such issues have been fixed. As always, there's some dice-rolling involved. The rebate offer (PDF) expires September 30.

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