NASA wants to send your face into space

Face in Space lets anyone get a copy of their headshot aboard an orbital shot.

Hello, alien life! NASA/Matt Hickey

I doubt I'll be able to take a cool self-portrait in space like astronaut Garrett Reisman did last month, but NASA is giving me a chance to do the next best thing: put a digital image of my mug on one of the final two Space Shuttle missions scheduled for later this year.

The program's called Face in Space, and it's easy enough to join. You just sign up, pick your mission, upload your photo for free, and you're set.

You'll get a flight confirmation and shuttle updates in your inbox throughout the mission and a commemorative certificate signed by the mission commander that you can print and frame so everyone will know you're a Space Face.

I'm not sure yet which of my gorgeous photos I should upload, but I'll make a choice sometime today. Then I will tell the cute girl at the end of the bar that I'm an astronaut and that she should buy me a drink before we go back to her place. I'm sure it'll work.

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