NASA takes on 'Gangnam Style' and wins

As the megahit Psy song "Gangnam Style" sails past its prime, students and interns at NASA's Johnson Space Center give it a proper send off, featuring lyrics peppered with references to space and science.

Psy's got nothing on this. Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

For those of you with a dirty wit, please lend me some patience before you fly off the rails when I say that a group of NASA interns made a "Gangnam Style" parody named "NASA Johnson Style."

Wondering what's with the song name? Well, NASA's Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center houses educational programs for interns and students aspiring to progress further into the field of space science. The eclectic group of youths created a parody video that plays off Psy's "Gangam Style" in a geeky way by amusingly attempting to "inform the public about the amazing work going on at NASA and the Johnson Space Center," says a related video description.

Several space visitors make appearances in the nearly four-minute long parody, including NASA astronauts Tracy Caldwell Dyson, Mike Massimino and Clay Anderson -- all three participated in space missions at least two times (or more).

What lyrics in the Gangnam parody made you chuckle? I couldn't help but snicker after hearing, "Orbiting earth, international space station, where we work and live in space with a crew from several nations -- Got Japanese, and Russians, that European charm, throw them up, like the Canada Arm."

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