Namechk scours 84 sites to find open usernames

Want a certain username? Don't spend time checking each site. Let Namechk do the work for you. What's really impressive about this service is the speed.

Namechk is a new service launching on Wednesday that helps you find open usernames at 84 different Web sites. Like UsernameCheck, a service we covered last year that has since shut down, it takes only a few seconds to come up with the results and provides a link to the page for each user at the sites where it's taken.

What's really impressive about this service is the speed. In a few sample searches, it averaged about 8 seconds from start to finish. And you don't even have to wait to see all the results because they stream in as it does its business.

Combine this with a domain checker like Domize or BustAName, and you could create a name-squatting empire in short order.

Namechk scours 84 different sites to let you know where usernames have been taken or are still available. CNET
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