MySpaceTV to host Lonelygirl15 'season finale'

The final episode of the 'first season' of the popular scripted videoblog will debut exclusively on the social network's video platform.


My, my, Lonelygirl15 sure has come a long way. Not so long ago, everyone thought the too-cute videoblogger was, well, a too-cute videoblogger. Then some online video fans with a shocking amount of time on their hands deduced that she was likely an actress in a staged series of video episodes. ( They were right .) Now, leading lady "Bree" (played by Jessica Rose) has gone all professional on us--the new MySpaceTV video portal will be hosting Lonelygirl15's season finale.

Season finale?

On Friday, MySpaceTV--which launched in June and has been rolling out content deals ever since--will broadcast the final episode of the "first season" of Lonelygirl15. But it's a little more complicated than that: the "12 in 12" finale will be shown in 12 segments, each one broadcast on the hour starting at 8 AM ET. Lonelygirl15 episodes have been uploaded to the Lonelygirl15 MySpace page since the series' early days, but this is the first time that they'll be available only on the portal. Lonelygirl, after all, is one of YouTube's biggest stars too.

This announcement of an "exclusive" Web video broadcast may be a sign of things to come, an indicator that perhaps we should be thinking about online video hubs as networks rather than just platforms. Perhaps we'll soon be saying, "Oh, it's on MySpaceTV" or "You can catch it on YouTube" instead of talking about whether a program is on NBC or Fox.

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