MySpace's Android application goes live

Myspace's Android application is available before the launch of the device.


Last Friday, days before the official launch of the Google Android-based phone, the T-Mobile G1, MySpace announced the availability of its MySpace Mobile application for the phone.

The company said that the the app has been live for those who already have an Android phone and will be made "officially" available on Wednesday to all users when the device is launched.

The MySpace app for Android's features include:

* Instant photo uploading from Android to a MySpace profile

* Check out tour schedules on band profiles

* View and comment on photos, profiles, and bulletins

* Search and add new friends

* Send and read messages

* Update and view mood and status

The app is also integrated with Shazam, a music discovering engine that allows users to identify music and connect to the artist's MySpace page.

This is the third major platform that MySpace has developed applications for, apart from the Sidekick and the iPhone. The company says that it's currently developing a similar application for the Blackberry.

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