MySpace to get popular Facebook travel app

Chicago-based Where I've Been plans to offer their mapping program for MySpace users as well.

Soon you can brag about your travels to your fellow MySpace friends as well as your height, weight and looks.

Where I've Been aka WIB, an application for sharing a map on places you've visited, lived in or want to visit, will now be available for MySpace users, the company plans to announce Friday.

The mapping application allows users to color-code the world by where they have visited or lived and where they would like to go. The U.S. is broken out by states while the rest of the world is broken out by country.

The Chicago-based company originally designed the application for use with Facebook.

As of September 5, Where I've Been ranked as the second most popular travel application on Facebook with 130,858 daily active users. That's about 5 percent of the total Facebook users. Cities I've Visited, which is also part of TripAdvisor's new travel-oriented social-network, was ranked No. 1 with about 7 percent of Facebook's daily active users.

In early August there were rumors that TripAdvisor planned to buy the rival Facebook application for $3 million. Where I've Been creator Craig Ulliott has denied there is any truth to a TripAdvisor acquistion.

MySpace users can get the widget to add to their MySpace page from

Where I've Been application as it appears on Facebook.
Where I've Been application as it appears on Facebook. Where I've Been
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