MySpace blocks Photobucket embeds--what's next?

MySpace is at it again, blocking third-party services from sharing content on the site. What's next for the social networking juggernaut?

CNET Networks

This morning, MySpace quietly blocked Photobucket content from user profiles, a move that cuts out a reported 25 to 30 percent of Photobucket's 17 million monthly users from sharing content on the popular social network. Photo slide shows and video embeds are completely blocked, including those edited using the remix tool we covered in March.

The move came under the guise of Photobucket users posting ad content in their embeds, a move that's expressly forbidden in MySpace's user agreement. Previous MySpace blocks include Stickam, Revver and Imeem.

The big question is what major service MySpace will decide to block next. With the recent roll out of Trailer Park and the upcoming news service, MySpace is beginning to dip its toes into areas previously handled by outside companies. How long before MySpace begins building and hosting these features while blocking out competing services altogether?

Read the story for more details.

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