My Yahoo adds a Facebook module, snubs Mash, 360, and Kickstart

The popular customizable homepage, My Yahoo, has added a Facebook module to their offerings, but does not support Yahoo's own social networks.

A post on the My Yahoo! Blog today informs us of the availability of a nice new Facebook module for your page. We all know that Facebook is the social network of choice right now, but what bugs me here is that the My Yahoo team chose provide first party support for Facebook prior to supporting their own social networks. If they are not willing to get behind their own offerings, how can consumers be expected to do so?

That said, the actual module fits in nicely on the page and is very informative. It's also nice to see Yahoo supporting the tech community's favorite social networking platform. However, I can't help but think that the Mash, 360, and Kickstart teams must feel a little bit snubbed.

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