My picnic DJ rig

CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell shows off his perfect rig for outdoor record enjoyment.

Photo of Yamaha NX-B02 speaker and Ion iPTUSB turntable.
Just keep your vinyl out of the sun, ok? Donald Bell/CNET Networks

Going wireless doesn't have to mean going digital. If you want to declare your analog loyalty to the great outdoors, then my product reviews this week are just the ticket. First off, we have the Ion iPTUSB portable turntable, which includes a built-in speaker, USB output, and a line-in recording jack.

If the iPTUSB's mono speaker speaker isn't enough to get your portable party started, then you may want to consider augmenting it with Yamaha's latest NX-B02 portable speaker tower. Together, you've got the classiest little retro-modern sound system in town.

Have any other picnic-worthy audio favorites? Let us hear about it.

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