My Pet Speaker lets Fido listen to your iPod

Speaker by Pet Acoustics works with any device that has a 3.5mm output, including MP3 players, CD players, iPhones, iPods, iPod Touches, and scratching posts.

My Pet Speaker
"Seriously, if you play 'The Cat Came Back' one more time, I'm finding a new home." Pet Acoustics, Matt Hickey/CNET

Given that many cats and dogs can hear their owners coming from a block away, it stands to reason that they have sensitive ears. But sensitive enough to require their very own pet speakers? Apparently so.

On Wednesday, Pet Acoustics announced My Pet Speaker, which it calls the world's first sound system designed to support the hearing sensitivities of dogs, cats, and horses.

The 11-pound omni-directional speaker has a 4-inch drive unit and a cone reflector that apparently disburses music in 360 degrees to recreate how animals hear in nature. "By producing limited frequencies and featuring a soft bass design for listening comfort, your pets will not be startled or disturbed by jarring volumes and piercing sounds that put them on alert," the company says.

The speaker--on preorder now for $249.95--measures 12.5 inches by 9.84 inches by 12.6 inches and stands on a supposedly stable base so it won't get knocked down when your music-loving puppy starts pirouetting to your playlist. Backside buttons prevent pets from messing with the operation panel, though if you're going spring for a pricey speaker for Fido, the least you can do is let him turn up the volume when "You ain't nothing but a hound dog" comes on.

The My Pet Speaker works with any device that has a 3.5mm audio output, including MP3 players, CD players, iPhones, iPods, iPod Touches, and scratching posts. It comes on the heels of another Pet Acoustics product, an iPhone app that plays music specifically aimed at reducing sound-related aggression and anxiety in pets and may or may not include "Stray Cut Strut" and "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

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