Must-have MacBook Air accessories

If you own a MacBook Air, there are a lot of peripherals that could make your Air-ified life even easier. Read on for our collection of extras to consider.

OK, not technically a must-have...but add it to our wish list. Apple

The MacBook Air is Apple's new mainstream MacBook, and though the latest version is undoubtedly the best, there are still aspects of this slim laptop that could do with accessories. The Air achieves an excellent balance of design, performance, and battery life, but it still leaves out some features that many people consider essential to their laptop experience.

Consider these accessories a way of mending the missing pieces and providing true MacBook Air road warriors with all the tools needed for a worry-free Air-based lifestyle.

Click through for our picks. Did we miss any? Are there even better examples than the ones we listed? Let us know below.

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