Musical Mickey Mouse

iRiver's Disney-branded MP3 player is coming to the States in a variety of colors.

When else will your kids get to twist Mickey's ears? iRiver

Among the overflowing handful of MP3 players that iRiver is bringing to the U.S. is the Disney-branded MPlayer (Season II), a supersmall and cute MP3 player shaped like Mickey Mouse's head. Although the MPlayer has been floating around the Web for some time now, I've never seen it for sale in the States. The latest version will come in a rainbow of colors and is set to hit a virtual retail shelf near you in Q1 of 2008. The player is screenless and supereasy to use--it's an obvious choice for introducing your little ones to the world of digital audio. The MPlayer comes with 1GB of flash memory and will be priced at $70--a touch high for such a basic player, if you ask me--especially one that is clearly designed for fairly young children.

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