Muscle-covered leggings take the skin out of skintight

With these "Muscles Leggings," there's no way you'll fail your next anatomy exam (at least not when it comes to the waist-down part of the test).

Subcutaneous cutie. Black Milk Clothing

We've got just the tights to wear to your upcoming anatomy exam.

With these "Muscles Leggings"--whipped up by designer James Lillis for Black Milk Clothing--there's no way you'll fail (at least not when it comes to the waist-down part of the test).

Then again, it might be more fun to think about slipping into these the next time you visit one of those Body Worlds-type exhibits--you know, the ones with real flayed bodies riding horses or playing basketball? How many people would frantically hail a security guard to report an errant artifact?

Or you could don them for that other, hands-on anatomy class of yours--the one with the cadavers and instrument trays--and run teary-eyed to the instructor crying, "Damn it! I told you Bart needed glasses!"

The possibilities for pranking seem plentiful.

We'd probably advise against wearing them to the zoo, however. Not near the lion cage anyway.

At 75 bucks a pop, they ain't cheap (especially if you're a skinflint). But once you finish all those exams and get through med school, you'll be raking in the dough anyway, right?

(Via Boing Boing)

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