Multiverse to launch version 1.0 of its virtual world platform

Company provides a platform on which anyone can build a virtual world or massively multiplayer online game.

For people wanting to design their own 3D virtual world, or online game, doing so just got a little bit closer to reality.

That's because the Multiverse Network has announced version 1.0 of its development platform, a system that allows anyone to create a fully functional massively multiplayer online game based on a common set of tools.

Until now, the platform had been in beta, but over the last year or so, more than 11,000 teams of designers have begun using it.

Multiverse's model provides the platform free of charge to anyone who wants it. The company will charge a revenue share fee on any money its customers make with their games.

In late May, the company announced that it received $4.75 million in Series A funding.

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