Muji wall-mounted CD player easy on eyes, hard on wallet

A clever wall-mounted CD player by Muji.

Pull the string to hear the music Technabob

If you're living in the past and still using physical CD players, Muji's got a new wall-mounted version that will take a bit of the heat off your back. And it's got its own star appeal with a cameo in the trailer for "Objectified," the new design documentary from the heads behind the hit "Helvetica."

The way it works is pretty simple: you just mount it on any flat surface, load in your CD, pull on the string at the bottom, and your music plays out of the speakers built into the body. Pull once more to stop, and the volume and search controls on located directly on top of the device itself. Easy, right? Here's the hard part: like all things that look good, it ain't cheap; the CD player costs $180 bones.

The wall-mounted CD player is available at all three Muji New York retail locations and online as well.

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