MTV takes its designs beyond the telly

Network's latest limited edition is a U.K.-based Sky box.


Even at the ripe old age of 26, MTV is still determined to make its way into your home one way or another: It may just not be on a television set. Instead, the network is literally leaving its stamp on various forms of electronics and computing gear by co-branding designs.

Recently, for example, it partnered with HP to sponsor a global design competition for an "Artist Edition" of the Pavilion laptop. And it's latest offering is a limited-edition "multi-room box" produced in collaboration with U.K.-based Sky TV, which had already been coming up with some interesting designs of its own.

The new box features a chest X-ray with an MTV logo in place of the heart, as Shiny Shiny notes. Silly, perhaps, but if it somehow encourages MTV to air videos at any time other than 3 a.m., we're all for it.

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