MTV steps it up for Super Tuesday primaries

Citizen journalists, with video-equipped Nokia handsets, are the centerpiece of the youth media brand's "Choose or Lose" coverage.

With primaries in more than 20 states next week, MTV has announced "Super Tuesday" coverage plans for its hand-picked citizen journalism corps.

In each state with a Super Tuesday primary, a member of the "Street Team" will be streaming live coverage from the video camera of a Nokia N95 handset; N95s can upload video directly to the Web, and this will be the first time that MTV has experimented with live mobile-to-Web coverage.

The content can be accessed on the MTV News site and on MTV's "Choose or Lose" election site. An online map will indicate which bloggers are live at a given time as they report from polling stations, rallies, and other locations deemed of interest to young voters.

MTV is also co-hosting a final "presidential dialogue" with and the Associated Press on Saturday; in addition to already-confirmed candidates Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee, Barack Obama and Ron Paul have announced their plans to participate.

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