MSN nails the Live Earth broadcast

MSN's worldwide broadcast of the Live Earth concerts was executed perfectly.

If there was any doubt as to how MSN would pull off the live internet broadcast of the Live Earth concert series today, it has been cleared. Powered by MSN's Soapbox, the broadcast comes off really well.

As you can see above, the video is nestled nicely among a slider of all of the different concerts, information about the venue that you are watching and links on how you can help the cause. The slider on the bottom also contains live updating information on what is happening on each stage, along with what act is next. The video can also be expanded to occupy the entire area beneath the sponsors' logos. The streaming has been flawless, even on my less than blazing DSL connection.

It is huge to be able to pull off something like this at all, so I give major kudos to Microsoft for being able to do it perfectly. It's a Saturday, so relax, check out some great music, and learn a little about global warming!

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