MSI: Intel Core i7 processors coming to laptops next month

Recent Web reports confirm what we had already known for a while: Core i7 laptops are ready to hit soon. And by soon we mean September.

One prolific manufacturer of computers has announced what we had already known for a while: Core i7 laptops are ready to hit soon. And by soon we mean September. MSI has confirmed a series of 15.4- and 17-inch mobile Core i7 laptops that will hit just before the launch of Windows 7.

The question is, will you buy one? For those who aren't familiar, Core i7 processors are excellent at multitasking and hard-core gaming, but are hardly power-friendly. They're the chips that will populate the next generation of eye-popping gaming laptops that will, in most instances, also come with eye-popping prices.

That's not to say this power won't be passed down the laptop food chain. Intel's platform code-named Arrandale will produce Core i3 and i5 mobile processors next year, set to replace more mainstream laptop processors.

For now, though, these MSI Core i7 super-laptops will be top-of-the-line desktop replacements, far from the budget categories that have been the fastest-growing part of the marketplace. And the real question will be whether battery life will be anywhere near functional for a serious laptop user who isn't interested in camping near a power outlet.

If you were buying a Windows 7 laptop, would power matter to you? Or would you be equally satisfied with a well-functioning Windows 7 Netbook or ULV thin-and-light?

(UPDATE: we spoke with Intel, asking about MSI's announcement and whether it broke embargoes. Their response: "Yes, they did with product details, but their timing is wrong." Take that as you will.)

(Via Gizmodo)

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