MS Word 6 and Mac OS 7.6

MS Word 6 and Mac OS 7.6

Three readers have now reported problems with MS Word 6.0.1 and Mac OS 7.6. In two cases, the program crashed on launch (Type 3 error typically). In the third case, a crash occurred as soon as any menu was accessed. The problems did not occur in System 7.5.x. In one case, where the reader (Gregory Lawhorn) was using Hard Disk Toolkit, updating to the latest version of the disk driver solved the problem. Another reader contacted Microsoft, who told her it was Apple's problem.

Update: David Werblo (one of the readers to first report this problem) now writes that his symptoms were due to inadvertently installing the Office4.2x Update for Power Mac extension.

One reader suggested that moving up to ObjectSupportLib 1.2 might help. Joe Schnide reports seeing this problem and diagnosing it as due to a conflict with Symantec's AutoDoubler. Several readers report not having this problem at all.


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