MP3 toilet hits a high note

Some people sing in the shower, and apparently, some people sing on the john too. A toilet that plays MP3 music files really caught our eye and ear.

Toto's Apricot toilet
Credit: Toto

Japanese bathroom manufacturer Toto is now offering a commode that senses when you enter the room and automatically lifts the pre-warmed lid. Additional sensors next to the toilet activate an MP3 player with 16 preloaded tunes and a media slot for SD cards so you can load in your own music library.

After you're finished, the toilet automatically flushes and closes the lid. There's a separate attachment for a bidet if you happen to be into that kind of thing.

Most people spend a few quality minutes in the bathroom every day, so why not make it more inviting? You could probably put this toilet right next to your and really create a high-style and relaxing room.

Akihabara News, which first reported on the product, managed to find a video of how the toilet works--it's pretty self explanatory.


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