MP3 hat for your winter wardrobe

Knit cap has built-in Bluetooth headphones

MP3 hat

Given the types of headgear on the market these days, you'd think everyone was either trying out for the Olympics or trying to kill themselves in some type of "extreme" activity. For the record, we at Crave are not in either camp.

We are, however, very much into creature comforts. Like hats. Especially in the winter. And what better way to fend off the cold than to do it while entertaining oneself with a built-in MP3 player? The Audex Padded Hat made by Burton and Motorola, which we found on Gearlog, is our kind of roughing it: A knit cap that can keep you warm while allowing easy access to your music with large control buttons on its Bluetooth stereo headphones.

On the other hand, at $180, you might be better off with your iPod and a cheap cap from Wal-Mart.

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