MP3 cooler is a tailgater's best friend

The ultimate summertime combo gadget.


As much as we love the "George Foreman iGrill" and other MP3 barbecues, sometimes it's just too hot to cook for an August picnic. That's when a simple cold plate will do just fine--and this a handy way to keep your lunch fresh while taking along some built-in entertainment for the next tailgater.

Wagan's "Thermo Sport Fridge/Cooler" is big enough to hold 16 cans of your favorite beverage while it does double duty as a sound system that can play the radio or your MP3 tunes, according to Uber-Review. The only problem is that it's powered by the cigarette lighter connection, so you'll need to stay within the cord's length to keep your bounty cold at all times. We suppose it's a natural incentive to imbibe faster. And to help that cause, you can also whip up some impromptu nachos with the "WaveBox" portable microwave.

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