'Move, Eat, Learn' will blow you away

Spend a couple minutes watching these great videos to see what the world has to offer.

Looking for some motivation? Perhaps the epic short film "Move" will get your feet moving.

It's part of "Move, Eat, Learn," a series of short films that quickly flash between sequences of actor Andrew Lees exploring 11 exotic locations around the world. Directed by Rick Mereki and produced by Tim White, the three short movies show beautiful locations, people teaching, and delicious food in countries including Peru, Spain, Italy, France, and Chile.

Shot over the course of 44 days, it took 18 flights covering 38,000 miles to complete the "ambitious linear concept, based on movement, learning and food." Nearly a terabyte of footage from Canon 5D MKII cameras got whittled down to create the minute-long videos, according to Mereki.

Watching the videos, I feel like there's a lifetime of adventure in each one. Who's ready for a vacation?

(Via Reddit)

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