Moto's new Rokr EM35

The Motorola EM35 offers music features in a slider design.

The Rokr EM35 puts music in your phone. Motorola

After a rocky start, Motorola has done relatively well with its Rokr music phones (pardon the pun). Indeed, the last model we reviewed, the Rokr E8, offered good performance and a nifty ModeShift keypad. Its model in the series is the Motorola Rokr EM35, which the company introduced Tuesday. The EM35 has a slider design with an eye-catching red-and-black color scheme. It offers all the standard music features including Windows Media Player 11, an FM radio, and what Moto is calling virtual stereo surround sound. You'll also have the chance to sample and purchase music over the air.

Other features include messaging and e-mail, stereo Bluetooth, a 3.1 megapixel camera, a micorSD card slot, quadband world phone support with EDGE, a 3.5mm headset jack, personal organizer options and a speakerphone. We don't have U.S. availability or pricing yet but we'll keep you posted. The EM35 comes four months after Moto introduced three other Rokr handsets, the EM25, the EM28, and the EM30.

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