Motorola U9 is stylish, with substance

CNET puts the Motorola U9 through its paces.

Motorola U9 Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Though Motorola has succeeded in making a series of reliable, practical cell phones this year, the company hasn't been working the style angle that hard. Sure, the Z9 and Rokr E8 are attractive, but even those handsets put function over form.

The Motorola U9, however, wears its style on its sleeve. Sporting a glossy surface and curvy lines, the attractive U9 reminds us of the Motorola Pebl U6. Beyond the pretty face, it offers a brilliant display, decent call quality, and a functional music player. On the downside, its controls are flat and slippery, the camera takes poor photos and its menu interface was a bit sluggish. We also were hoping for a 2.5mm headset jack or better yet, a 3.5mm jack. Still, the U9 remains a stylish phone with substance.

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