Motorola to adopt NextLink's Invisio Q7 Bluetooth headset

NextLink will be relaunching the Invisio Q7 as a Motorola product.

Invisio Q7 to be rebranded Motorola
Invisio Q7 to be rebranded Motorola. Nicole Lee/CNET Networks

One of our Best of CES nominees this year was the NextLink Invisio Q7 Bluetooth headset, which promised voice transmission via a one-of-a-kind bone-conduction technology and without the use of microphones. It also has a nice discreet design with a Soft Spring ear bud that fits right in the ear. However, the Q7 has been vaporware for quite some time now--it was first announced two years ago and was slated to finally debut in February of this year, but it still has yet to materialize in the market. Today, we heard some news from NextLink via PhoneArena that NextLink is completely rebranding and relaunching the Invisio Q7 as a Motorola product. It will most likely launch under a different model name and number. We're glad to see Motorola grabbing on to this and potentially saving the headset from extinction, but this might mean that the Q7 will take even longer to launch than previously thought. We hope to know the actual launch date soon.

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