Motorola prepping wireless power tech for smartphones?

A teaser video by Motorola hints at a possible wireless power solution for its smartphones and other mobile gadgets.

Motorola just released a brief video that cryptically hints at a new wireless power solution the company may announce at CES 2012.

The short titled "Stay Unplugged with Motorola" simply shows a sad cartoon-faced AC adapter shedding a lone, mournful tear. Why could Mr. Power Cord be so glum? Perhaps it's because his old handset friends have outgrown their relationship and no longer visit often. Apparently once Motorola's gadget set upgraded to newfangled wireless charging technology, it's been a dark, dark world, at least for AC Power man here.

For me, the selfish end user, life in this sparkling new era of inductive charging is just dandy. I can drop my various devices onto multiple living room surfaces, tabletops, and coffee tables, and gadgets fill up on electrons seamlessly and effortlessly. Of course, Motorola may be planning something completely different and more mundane, like advanced battery performance for its mobile products.

Whatever is up the company's sleeve, with a PR stunt like this it's clear the CES 2012 marketing machine is primed and ready. Check back soon for more details.

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