Motorola introduces Motoactv music player

The handset maker's Motoactv that is geared toward runners and others who work out. How will it fare against Apple's iPod Nano?

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha introduces the new Motoactv media player in New York. Bonnie Cha/CNET

NEW YORK--Motorola is taking on Apple's iPod Nano with the Motoactv, an Android-based media player designed specifically for people who work out.

The company announced the new device at a press conference here Tuesday. Like the iPod Nano, the Motoactv has a touch screen roughly about 1 square inch. It has an FM radio. But it offers much more than music and radio.

It is also loaded with software that enables people to measure their heart rates and how many calories they're burning. People can map their workouts, and when they sync the device at home, the workout data is sent straight to a portal that keeps track of all the information gathered. The device is sweat resistant and has a scratch-proof screen. It can fit into a wrist band, so people can wear it like a wristwatch.

The Motoactv comes in two versions: an 8GB version for $249 and a 16GB version for $299. Both are set to begin selling November 6.

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